Friday, May 05, 2006

More Eger Pictures

The following pictures are brought to you by:
-Mike, by whom and on whose camera they were taken
-myself, who had the infinite patience to upload them to blogger.

I think this picture is funny because of where Chad and Juli are looking at me. Actually, we were discussing the color of my shirt.

Us in the castle of Eger. All three of us look so uncomfortable and akwardly posed.

Juli at the minaret. I think her expression says "Let's just get the hell away from this evil place."

Us on the balcony of the Lyceum. The black spot is not a cloud of doom following us around Eger. Actually, it's the Spot of Doom that's been following Mike since he dropped his camera.

Although this is a un-posed shot, it could be a perfect situation photo: The Waiting Room.

After seeing the camera obscura and the miracle combination of art and science, I think Mike and Chad decided to take some glamour shots on the stairs. That explains the shot of Chad; the ones of Juli and I are candid. Together, they make the following sequence which I'm calling "Lyceum Staircase Triptych:"


jrj said...

heves county would like to thank you for visiting heves county! hope you enjoyed your stay.

i am currently covered in lipstick.

congratulations on almost getting to the big 2K blog-milestone, emily. i'm proud of you.

Gaines said...

What a lovely happy shirt you were wearing!