Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The strangest thing happened to me Sunday morning in a bathroom in Balatonfüred. I was sitting there at about 8am, surrounded by a hostel-full of slumbering Americans (and Brits and Aussies, etc). And it suddenly hit me how at peace I was. Everything in my life has just come together:

- although Kassai (my current school) finally let me go officially, within an hour I was offered a position next year at Varga (the super-nice, way prestigious gymnasium). So next year, if all goes to plan, I’ll have a cushy job teaching near-fluent teenagers, full pay, and free flat.

- having finally kicked my two-month stomach flu, I’m completely healthy. Maybe better than I’ve ever been. I’m just glowing with good health.

- for once, I’m completely at peace with all relatives, friends, boyfriends, and colleagues. No drama, no fights, just harmony. Too bad all but one of the Americans are abandoning me.... sniffle.

- I got a bike (inherited from one of those sniffle-inducing leaving Americans)! I’m still way too scared to actually use it on the streets, but... someday.

- Hungarian lessons are going well. I might actually be learning something. In any case, at least I’m thinking about it every day.

- the Balaton weekend was good - much better than I would have thought, given that hanging out with large groups of foreigners in a strange place is my personal idea of hell. There was a minimum of drama and a maximum of hanging around drinking and enjoying the sunshine.

- thanks to Bridget’s curiosity, I’ve gotten back into making ATCs, and having a creative outlet again has made me so much happier and more productive feeling.

- as much as I love my school, I’m accepting moving on. I feel bad about leaving my students because, next year, they likely won’t have a native speaker, but I’ve already got plans to offer them cheap private lessons or some sort of English club.

- not to mention, the majority of the kids are gratifyingly disappointed with my leaving. Today, one class stayed 10 minutes extra just to hang out.

Anyway, that’s it... coming up roses. And in the future, look for more frequent updates, since I’m about to embark on a whole new teaching adventure, both over the summer and in the fall, AND on a whole new adventure in my personal life...


Nancy said...

Congratulations on the Varga job! I am so happy for you. Amy and I will descend on Szolnok during the last week of June. We will definitely have to take you out to celebrate your continued residence in everyone's favorite Hungarian city! ;)

The Hungary Traveler said...

Way to go Emily! Say hi to the teachers at Varga for me. I think about them and the students often. Give my best to the 12C students next year.
Are you coming back to the midwest this summer?

Brieggy said...

Yay, I am glad that you introduced me to ATCs, although now I waste a lot of time making them. And I am hording crap because I think...oh that could look cool on an ATC.
As for abandonment...well if we send each other care packages and emails, then that is not abandonment, merely extending the distance a little. Instead of 2 hours, it will be 14 hours away.

Now A Nagy said...

congrats on finding a position you are excited about for next year ... just beware, they're going to start hitting you with taxes in the 3rd year.

jrj said...

Umm, wait, Emily? I think a positive-minded person must have discovered your password and snuck in to create a new post. You should probably delete it.

Nice to see you again, though, friend. :-)