Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October Update

So for once, I have a legit reason for my lack of posting (not that it really matters, since all 6 people who read this blog see me on a regular basis anyway), that reason being that I’ve been hella busy. In addition to my 20-plus-one hours a week at Varga (the high school) and 4 at Kassai (the primary school), there’s also the 4 hours a week at the college. Plus private lessons. Plus, starting this week, I’ll be taking Hungarian lessons again (after a little spat about my Hungarian skills/lack thereof, I hotheadedly decided to take the Magyar mint idegen nyelv exam to prove him wrong. Yikes).

Plus, about mid-last-week when I was floundering a bit, I decided that it would make my life infinitely easier if I made out a complete set of lesson plans for the entire semester, until January. No doubt it will make things easier... once they’re finished. Right now, it’s just a lot of work.

But by all means don’t think that I’m complaining. I like keeping busy; it keeps me sane, which will be more and more important as the winter pushes down. Plus, I don’t have time to get sick of one group before it’s time to go teach another.

Anyway, right now I’ve got a free másfél óra until classes, and instead of spending it relaxing.... 9th grade lesson plans!


zhaoman said...

"not that it really matters, since all 6 people who read this blog see me on a regular basis anyway"

Actually this is not true...

Keep blogging!

sara said...

indeed- not true! I read, to help remind me that if I weren't writing term papers I'd be writting lesson plans. Have a Borsodi (and a palinka while you're at it) for me!

zhaoman said...

good idea! Please, have a palinka for me too! :)

Brieggy said...

Ditto on their posts.Especially Sara's, but make it a Soproni for me!

ps I found some more lesson stuff to send you, when I get the care package together, any requests? I heart clearance sections.
pps due to the fact i am nutty busy, it will be awhile till you get this.

Howard said...

Definitely not true - demonstrably, in fact, since we would walk past each other without any idea .... and probably will. Only when we speak .... or at least one of us. My Hungarian is execrable.