Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Transylvania, take # I-don't-even-know

Thanks for the prodding, Jem. Your comment about Erdély was actually right on target... On Sunday we arrived back in Hungary from the annual CETP Transylvania trip. This is the 5th (?) time I've gone there, including some Hajni-led trips and some others - namely, last summer's trip with Petra and Csomanok, which was laughably led by me.

The above two pictures are from this year, us after surviving the "one-hour hike" in Békás Canyon.

And, for nostalgia's sake, here's my "first generation" CETP family (missing are Janos and Chad, who were down with a case of Ceausescu's Revenge, although Janos is represented by that scarf Jeremy is rakishly sporting).


jrj said...

uhh, i don't really know what rakishly means...but we were a ridiculously good-looking group, no?

szeretek erdelyolni!

jrj said...

ps. thanks for humoring me. :-) none of my other blogger friends do.