Saturday, April 25, 2009

Renewing my passport, complaint one

Average income in US: $43,000 / Cost to renew US passport in US: $75

Average income in France: $37,000 / Cost to renew US passport in France: $75

Average income in Hungary: $8000 / Cost to renew US passport in Hungary: $75

Average income in Burkina Faso: $210 / Cost to renew US passport in Burkina Faso: $75

Hm. From this I've learned two things.
One, that I'm thankful not to live in Burkina Faso.
Two, that the US State Department doesn't expect expat citizens to exist on a local salary.


Brieggy said...

And the embassy hours are next to impossible unless you work in Budapest.

Emily said...

Yes. When I brought up that very point in a long phone call to the embassy, they had a solution, though. They suggested that if I were unable to come myself, I can send an "authorized representative". Because sure, I have lots of friends hanging around who don't work and have nothing better to do than go to Pest for me...