Saturday, August 27, 2005

My evenings are spent studying Hungarian

Just a little break between classes, but I’ll take any chance to write. We have a long classes schedule, and the breaks are too short to do too much, and since classes go from 10 to 6, basically, there is too little free time. Note to self, future CETP assistant: schedule the orientation with more free time and more field trips. I would rather have a two week orientation and not have to cram everything into one week.
So, my evenings have been taken up by dinner and other activities. Let me think, Tuesday was Fátal (with Gaines, Harpswell, John, one of the couples, hm, some other people but I didn’t know names so well yet; 9 people total. Okay, Gaines says also Kyle, Liz, Ryan & Caley are the couple) and then watching The Dark Crystal with Laura, Harpswell, Kyle and Gaines in the former three’s room; Wednesday was soup here in the kitchen with one bottle of wine (with Kyle, Laura and Harpswell), then another two bottles later (with Harpswell, Laura, and the married couple from Minneapolis, Yurik and Jenna); yesterday, Thursday, was Marchello (Kyle, Rosaland, Gaines, Yurik & Jenna, John, Liz, Jeremy), which everyone said was an excellent choice (my recommendation, pat-on-the-back), followed by a stroll in Pest for ice cream and fresh Duna air (Rosaland, Jeremny, Liz and John), then a trek through Buda to find somewhere still open and selling wine (down to myself, Liz, and Jeremy), and complete the evening with the drinking of aforementioned wine in the garden here (Gaines also came down and joined us after we yelled up at her for the corkscrew.)
Good times.

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