Wednesday, August 31, 2005

First day of "work"

And why aren’t I at work, you may ask? Well, I went over for a few hours yesterday morning; Kati showed me my desk in the teacher’s room and one of the other English teachers, one of the two Edits, showed me around the school. They seem to be very laid-back about the whole scheduling and planning thing. I kept asking questions: When do I get my class schedule? Eh, who knows. When do I start teaching? No clear answer. Shouldn’t I be working on lesson plans? Oh, don’t worry about it. Okay. And Kati vaguely mentioned that sometime this afternoon we would go to the police to register me, but that there wouldn’t really be much for me to do this morning. But I’m planning to wander over there a little later maybe.
So after that thrilling morning yesterday (actually, it was great to see what materials Daniel had left for me) I hung out in my little flat, watched Valami Amerika, went grocery shopping, and called and SMS-ed people. Kyle, Laura and Jeremy seem to be having fun. Harpswell was a little more reticent. Liz seems okay but I only had a brief message from her.
In the evening Chad and I hung out here and cooked dinner, and split a bottle of wine. We had a coffee at the Road Cafe, his new favorite place, and walked around a bit. Oh, I meant to say that at the beginning, we met up at the Plaza mall, because not only had he remembered that I wanted to buy shoes, he offered to take me to the store where he had found a nice, cheap pair. Score one point for Chad.
Anyway, after dinner and walking around considering the merits of various sörözök and beer gardens, we ended up back at his place where we had a couple of beers and watches his only DVD (he also has an iBook, a 14”) Wet Hot American Summer. I liked it; especially because it’s one of those movies that appeals to a very odd, specific sense of humor, and the fact that we both like it bodes well for continued civility in the American sector of Szolnok. I think the plan tonight is dinner at his place and then Valami Amerika (my only DVD). We’ll see what he thinks of that one.

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