Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Break in Cyprus

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. That being true, and I being extremely lazy, I present to you Cyprus through pictures, with limited captions, and links to more info courtesy of Wikipedia:

No trip should begin without a beer at the Szolnok train station. Followed by a beer on the train, a beer at Kobanya-Kispest, a beer outside the airport, a beer inside the airport...

Donna and I at our villa's dining table, planning out our first day.

The villa was well-equipped with a full kitchen, comfy couches, coffee-maker, flat-screen tvs, etc etc etc.

And a pool table. We played several times, for various stakes....

... which included the loser taking a dive into our slightly-above-freezing pool.

The market in Nicosia, very similar to the market in Szolnok except for that watch tower.

Walking down the street in Nicosia (the last divided capital in the world, according to Lonely Planet) we suddenly came to one of the streets blocked off by a wall of barrels.

Donna and Attila in Lefkora, a tiny village which is famous for it's lace and silver.

Myself and Attila in Lefkora.

The Roman ruins at Kourion.

More of the ruins.

A typical road in the Troodos Mountains. I successfully navigated our way in and out of the mountains, driving an unfamilar right-hand-drive car on the left side of the road. (Just in case there's a single person left on earth I haven't mentioned it to yet... I was the only driver in our group who managed to avoid hitting anything. John and Attis both whacked the passenger side mirror, while Donna wisely refrained from driving.)

The mountains. I wish I had better pictures of the tiny villages and narrow roads through them.

At the top of the mountains, we abandoned the car and took a horse-back ride through the woods.

The last shot, a sad picture: me leaving our villa complex at 1 AM to go catch the plane home.

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