Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It’s “Cold” Here

Current temp in Szolnok: -12 C. Which seems deadly, but that’s in puny Celsius. It’s really about 10 of our bulkier Fahrenheit degrees.

So I’m not going to be a tough-guy Minnesotan and scoff, “Cold, ha! I remember back in the winter of 1993 when it was 40 below and the windchill was minus 62...” Because it is cold, I can appreciate that. And I do feel for the Southerners in the group for whom this is particularly painful (the look on Chad’s face... “Wait... it can actually get too cold to snow??”). But 10 F is completely within the range of normal Minnesotan winter. And that’s not even counting windchill.

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indiana said...

okay, fellow north-midwestener. i admit that something horrible has been happening to me. i'm becoming a wimp. i have been blaming it on the wind here, and maybe that is it but jebus. i kind of hate it. plus, half of 'winter' has been 40 degrees here, so we're spoiled.

As far as southeners go, there are at least 4 cali girls in my cohort and one of them asked, completely sincere, about how riding her bike would go in the winter. another asked me about snow tires. i did what i could, including impressing upon the first that biking around the drivers here is already taking your life in your hands and add ice to that... we'll visit her in the hospital. the second involved kitty litter and "you really should just remember to drive much slower than ususal, and plan the stopping before you actually do it." i felt useful.