Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today I'm Bitter

Currently, I fulfill two of the three meanings of bitter, the second and third. The first one will happen soon enough, if I don’t get a shower.

This morning I gave in and decided I couldn’t make it another hour without washing my hair, at least. I turned the tap, hoping beyond hope that by some miracle the hot water would have restored itself. No such luck. I took advantage of the 2 seconds of lukewarm water to wet my head. I lathered up, took a deep breath, and stuck my head under the water to rinse. It was icy. Gaspingly, painfully, brain-chillingly, hand-numbingly icy. I may have shed a tear or two of pain and frustration (at least they were hot). Rinsing seemed endless. It did take twice as long as normal, because halfway through I had to stop to let my hands thaw.

On the plus side, I do love a drink of cold water. And, I tested, the water from my tap is colder than water from the fridge. Great. At least I won’t get dehydrated this week!

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indiana said...

HEY!!!!! this psychologist (Izard, whose first name is Caroll, and i think who is a man) says that there are 7 basic emotions, there's another theorist who says 6, etc. okay, that's thought #1. #2 is that in different regions of the world, there are differnt staple foods, grains. In your region, potatoes, corn in south america, etc. (Btw, this corresponds to regional spirits).

Okay, at some point in high school, referring to thoought #2, (explictly, because we all weren't so academically subtle then, think "do you remember in world studies when..."), i joked that our staple food was "bagel." Combining idea #1 and #2, i would like to say, fuck yeah, bitter. If i were to make a list of a few of my favorite/most common emotional states, bitter would be up there. disillusioned or downtrodden may be others, and giddy (although to sound less weird, i've taken now to using "rosy" sometimes). Hmm, i'm gonna have to come up with about 7.

Man, this is friendster-like. I hope this is a compromise between me actually reading all of your blog and just emailing.

oh yeah, cold showers suck; BUT my acceptably warm shower makes me late for class or makes me ruin my new years resolution (breakfast), or makes me dishevled or mismatched (depends on where i steal the time from, sorry about the bad grammar it's like "friday" night here--not friday, but we have friday off, so thursday... you get the idea). Social workers have this thing -- a strenghts perspective--which is like a reaction to a focus on pathology (damn psychologists), and i don't think i really get the spirit of the perspective, but i try. anyway, that attempt translates into a "silver lining" theme in my thoughts now. hence the benefits of cold showers. also rumored to make your hair shiny. incase you can't tell, today was a "rosy" day. viszlát.