Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm Back!

Well, sorry I haven’t posted anything recently. This time, it really wasn’t my fault - I was having an on-again, off-again relationship with my internet, which eventually devolved into it not working at all. I barely noticed at first, being caught up in a frenzy of Lost-watching (I watched all episodes to date in the space of a week). Long saga short, the cable people agreed to come and look at it today between 4:30 and 8 pm. So by some sort of ugly, ironic twist, the Internet decided to start working again last night at about 10:30. I’m telling you, there’s something diabolically clever about everything in this flat. Rach, what was that movie with the killer house? You know which one I mean, with the garbage disposal and the switch? That’s going to be me, armless and screaming, any day now...

Back to normalcy. For a while, I was keeping a list of things I wanted to write about when I could. But now somehow it seems kinda pointless to write: “One morning a couple weeks ago I woke up to no electricity...” etc. Because it was only vaguely interesting then, and by now if I hadn’t written a note, I would have forgotten all about it. Anyone, to be short about it, in the past two weeks...

- I developed an obsession with Lost (see the casting, below)
- I missed both Pancake Day (because of the Lost obsession) and Pie Day (because I was on the way to Bp)
- I went to Budapest three times, and will go again this weekend
- I got a bunch of loot from Women’s Day
- Both of my 8th grade private students were accepted to Varga. Congrats, guys.
- I decided to let basketball take over my life, to the point of not traveling some weekends so I wouldn’t miss the home games. This led to...
- I spent several consecutive weekends in Szolnok. Four, to be exact. A whole month worth.
- I discovered that I have a fourth-grade fanclub, in the form of two little girls who follow me around, beg to come to extra lesson with me, and refuse to let me go home until I pretend to be fainting with hunger.

So that’s it, two weeks in less than 200 words. To finish, this is the casting list which Gaines and I came up with for Lost (maybe I should have asked before making this public, Gaines, but in any case I’ll take the blame if anyone is insulted):

Emily is Charlie (without the drugs or musical talent)
Gaines is Sawyer (without such an evil streak)
Jeremy is Hurley (without the fat)
Chad is Boone (without the death)
Jenna is Claire (because how do you not like Claire)
Yerik is Locke (without the baldness)
The New People are The Tail Section
Laura could be Kate (because they're both really cool)
Hajni is Rossau (without the crazy)
Janos is Ethen/Nathan (because he's just too chill... its suspicious)
Rosemary is Rose (for the quiet contemplation)
Jack is too [something] to cast
JoAnna and Kyle are Scott/Steve and the chick in the water
Our students are The Others because they're killing us slowly


jrj said...

nice work em. welcome back. internet-repairman-jeremy.

Timbo said...

Good to read you again. Now that you're up-to-date with Lost, why not download all the episodes to Invasion. Another addictive way to waste weekends.

indiana said...

Hey Em,

I had noticed the appearance of "paradoxical" as a word in my life (SW life, and as an additional tangent, if you don't know what SW stands for, think harder) as in paradoxical effects. Basically, there are techniques where you sort of talk about the opposite of what you and your client want to happen and this can facilitate it, paradoxically. Anyway, i was wondering if something like that had happened in the negative with you commending yourself for sticking with the blogging. I'm glad to hear it was a technological, not motivational problem. That sort of strengthens my belief in humans (probably not what you would profess, Emily) and my own ongoing hopes for habit development and behavior change.

In your second paragraph, I gots to know if I ever clearly explained my "stories." Stories are those things we all know about,and we recognize them when we see them. "Stories" with the quotes have no definitive beginning, middle, end, or point/purpose/objective. To give proper credit, I will say that a high school friend, Kendra, and I developed these are they are likely to her credit. I wonder if the everyday stuff that we would have vehemently discussed when we were hanging around townhouse F but that loses potency after awhile could be frutifully conceptualized as "stories."

That movie with which i have been preoccupied as far as the disproportionate concern with kitchen safetey it may have cultivated, I think is not about a killer but about a possessed house; however, I don't think it is THE movie about the possessed house (Amityville?) but a random crappy tv-movie about this rich and captivating topic. Then again, memories are messed up, and all i "remember" is taht scene with the tape and the garbage disposal....