Thursday, March 23, 2006

Waiting For The Other Shoe

Halfway through the day today, I suddenly realized that it was Thursday already. This came as a surprise to me because, for the most part, my weeks drag on endlessly between weekends. But this week, everything has just come together. For example:

The weekend was fantastic all around, beginning to end. Due to Ikea, my flat is starting to look, if not act, more like a real home. My lessons were like one miracle after another: every single one (so far) was either canceled, half the students were gone, or they were just shockingly well-behaved, or some combination of the latter two. Even the 5ab Terrors, when faced with an activity that was way over their heads (my mistake) were frustrated but still pleasant. The English teachers decided they loved me because I let them use my Penguin photocopiable books (which aren’t even mine; they’re Oxford’s). At home, I actually did some house work, including successfully fixing my vacuum. I watched movies, Walk the Line in the cinema and Moulin Rogue courtesy of Limewire; I watched the Simpsons, I watched Scrubs. I worked on making fabric postcards. I studied Hungarian. Everything was great.

All of which is increasingly frightening to me. I’m not a huge believer in anything, but I do have a vague idea in something like karma. So with that fact established, there are two possible explanations: one, that I did something really good recently and am being rewarded. Or two, that shortly something terrible is going to happen to me. Knowing that I’ve done nothing so good recently eliminates the first option, so I’m left wondering what the punishment will be. It’s been a while since anything in the flat broke, so it might be time for another round of Repair Wars. Currently, the only three things fully functioning are the TV, computer, and gas. TV would be sad, computer would be excruciating, and gas would be deadly. So I’m going to go enjoy this while it lasts.

PS. I think I’ve mentioned the basketball obsession before, but just to stress it: this weekend, I am actually passing up a trip to TOKAJ, wine capital of Hungary, to see Szolnok play Paks. What’s become of me?


Gaines said...

Exactly! What has become of you!? And you're missing out on Jenna's cooking, too, which is a reason in and of itself to go to Nyiregyhaza. The weekend won't be the same without you, but I hope you have a great time in Szolnok. Go Olaj!

Emily said...

Yeah, but see: the new American player for Szolnok used to play for Paks. Plus, they're rivals. Whereas Tokaj will still be there in a few weeks.