Thursday, April 20, 2006


Forty-eight thousand forint is a lot of money. That’s $222, 180 euro, 26,200 yen. In my funds-reduced life here in Szolnok, 48,000 Ft is approximately half my monthly income. Things that I would like to buy with 48,000 Ft include:

- summer shoes, socks and underwear, or a spring jacket
- food other than pasta and bread
- a broom, or working vacuum
- Draino, so I can take a shower without it being a bath
- burnable CDs, so I could download more Lost, Housewives, or Simpsons
- beer, wine, pencils, and other teaching supplies
- a bus or train ticket to anywhere-not-Szolnok this weekend
- a plane ticket to a sunny, tropical island paradise.

What I will actually do with my precious 48,000 forint: buy a one-way ticket to hell... and back. Specifically, an 8-day bus trip to London with 40 of my students and 3 of the other English teachers. Back a couple months ago, when I agreed to come along and paid the first half of the fee, no one held a gun to my head to force me to come. They laid out two perfectly reasonable options: pay 88,000 forint for this lovely trip, OR stay behind for the week and pick up all the extra English classes. So I made what seemed to be the obvious choice, particularly since at the time I had nothing better to spend the money on. Well... things change.

My mind would also be less financially-occupied if my private students would stop playing musical chairs with me. Student A moved his lesson from last week to today, and wanted it at the same time. So I asked B if we could meet at a later time today. Then A called to cancel today completely, but can we meet tomorrow instead? Fine, so I was reveling in my free hour when C called and wanted me to meet his friend D because she needed to talk to a native speaker. ARGH! The ending is, none of this would bother me in the least if I felt like the money I get for my troubles was going toward something worthwhile. But it’s not, so it does.

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alec said...

you poor thing... do swing by the house... we'll have dry clothes and celery and apples in the crisper just for you... also, ask the butler about the "emily fund"... i'm sure you'll find the money quite adequate...