Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I love Kati... and music

I’m also a great fan of Scrubs, so I hope y’all can appreciate both my love of the show and my ability to work quotes from it into my my everyday life:

JD: Dr Cox?
Cox: Yeah, Newbie, whaddaya got?
JD: That guy looks fantastic. What do you think he’s dying of, a case of the Handsomes?

Because today my contact teacher Kati was back at school and looking better than ever after her still-unidentified illness. And just like when I see my real mother after a long time, Kati proceeded to notice my new hair cut, ask when I did it, compliment it nicely, smooth it out at the back of my neck, and point out the two pieces that weren’t exactly the right length. Oh, I’m so glad she’s back. Seriously, school has been so boring without her.

After Scrubs and Kati, for some reason today I’m also in love with music. Maybe because MTV keeps playing one awesome song after another. Maybe because I finally discovered the easy way to create playlists in iTunes. Whatever, nem fontos. Gaines and I have been working on a CETP/Hungary Soundtrack, so allow me to publish it first here:

Another Brick In the Wall; Pink Floyd
Teach Your Children; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Don't Stand So Close To Me; The Police
Sex and Beer; Pat McCurdy
Kids; Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue
Eye of the Tiger; Survivor
Magyarország; Oláh Ibolya
Should I Stay Or Should I Go; The Clash
Hot For Teacher; Van Halen
Smoking In The Boys Room; Motley Crue
Fight For Your Right To Party; Beastie Boys
Fridays I'm in Love; The Cure
Working for the Weekend; Loverboy
Schools Out For Summer; Alice Cooper
Two Way Monologue; Sondre Lerche
Midnight Train; Journey
Lazy Days; Robbie Williams
Represent, Cuba; Orishas
Cash Machine; Hard Fi

You might notice a bit of a theme. Keep in mind that this is a rough draft only, and please give me any suggestions, additions, or subtractions you can think of. As added incentive: anyone who comments, I’ll burn you a copy of the Soundtrack when it’s finished.


Kat said...

After much thought, I decided that I should request a song for all of us who are returning for CETP Part Deux: "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode.

indiana said...

Some of that music has entered my life before, but I'll check out some of the other stuff...just when I was concerned about broadening my musical appreciation.