Monday, February 06, 2006

Because I Spent the Afternoon Lesson-Planning...

Oh, I wish there were some better way to type laughter, because just writing title above made me crack up. Really, I spent the afternoon putzing around the internet, blog-hopping and most recently, taking an absurd number of mindless, pointless quizzes to learn completely random, insupportable trivia about myself. To spend your very own afternoon “lesson-planning” as I did, check out Blue Pyramid, Quizilla, or just Google. In the meantime, here’s what I learned about myself... because I know you’re all as fascinated with me as I am.

*What state are you? The Panama Canal (since when is this a state?) because I’m all about the shortcut.
*What animal are you? A Ladybug, for my quiet dignity and soft demeanor.
*What book are you? Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, because I’m willing to try anything once. Apparently, I’ve spent some time in every camp, but still don’t have any idea which camp I really belong in. Hm... that’s thinky.
*What railroad are you? I’m the Hogwart’s Express. But this quiz doesn’t seem very scientific. Unlike the others, I mean.
*How will you die? Cancer. Charming. Something to look forward to.
*And my favorite (equally for the topic and the obvious fact that it was written by a non-native speaker): If you were a teacher, would students like you? Answer: “The students loves you!” Does they really? Awesome.


Gaines said...

Emily! I was a ladybug, too!

indiana said...

You shouldn't tell me about places like these--I'm a recovering spark addict and I admit, I sometimes do other quizes and don't tell my sponsor.

Quiet dignity? I'm not sure about that but props for "thinkey" which may make the honorable mention list on my ever-changing lexicon. You're going to have to update your obit from last year, aren't you?

And, to make up for questioning your dignity--of course students loves you, but maybe not all student, the additional students likes you. {By the way, to avoid injury, keep plastic bags away from babies and chickens}