Sunday, February 19, 2006

The L-Word

Well, it’s happened. I’ve lost my mind.

What happened was, I was talking with Jillian, and she asked me if I would stay a second year (of course) and would I stay in Szolnok. The words that came out my mouth were: “Yeah, of course I’d stay here. I mean, it’s not Pest, but I like Szolnok, and - wait, what?” Because, yes, those three words in that order did in fact come past my lips: I like Szolnok. I. Like. Szolnok. It’s okay. It’s good. Oh my god, I think the toxicity of this place has finally leeched into my body and infected my blood and taken over my brain.


indiana said...

Like Palermo's?

jrj said...

i even sometimes like heves. it can be done.