Friday, February 24, 2006

I Fight the Evil (Lesson Plans)

Two pedagogical successes this week. The first was the lesson plan I did with my 7abT (the four boys). Together, we made a list on the board of things in a city (houses, school, park, river, shops, factory, streets). Then I gave them each a blank piece of paper and told them to draw their own city. Their eyes positively lit up. The rest of the hour they spent happily, busily, and relatively quietly designing their cities. They used more English than I’ve ever heard from them, trying to explain various buildings to me and ask me what different things are called. By the way, I think I stole this from someone, but I don’t remember who. But whoever it was, great idea - I’m going to try and use it in other classes as well.

The second item of business isn’t so much a teaching success as it is just a personal amusement. In the process of giving The Quiz this week, as well as having them use the new words in sentences last week, the 7th and 8th graders came up with some great sentences. Some of the more interesting:

True, so true: Emily’s work is vain in our class, because the boys speaking and laughing each other.
Short and sweet: Hitler was very dominant.
Family gossip: My sister was loyal to her boyfriend, but the boy wasn’t so.
Good idea, poor word choice: I’m not dominant because I’m not a leather.
A perfect example: Bree Van De Kamp is fussy she thinks about unimportant things and makes her life perfect.
Just interesting: I am a cautious man because I don’t want to die.
And two that are just odd: Ádám is a cautious person because he cane the bad things and he think the things.
I’m a worrier person because I fight the evil.

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indiana said...

THAT is why I was more spazzed out to give a two minute talk about a school shooting in MN than to present my summer research and/or to go on TV--the first task was in spanish, and I knew that those sentences were the kind I would make, no matter how hard I tried.

In regards to leather, I had a fork/scissors incident I still regret.

All I remember from maps in Spanish is "manzanas." They call their city blocks "apples" yo.