Sunday, February 26, 2006

Solitary Weekend in Szolnok

Not so solitary, really, just other-American-less. Even Chad went away, so for once in a long time I was on my own. That, plus the addition of spending significant prime-time evening hours in a school and in a church made for a weekend that was not the typical CETP party, but rather something different and fresh.

My weekend really started with Friday, where at Kassai, three of my normal five classes were canceled, and I was done by noon. I still had classes at Oxford, followed by a Hungarian lesson with Juli. I now know all the possible conditional tenses in Hungarian. At least, I would know them if I studied more.

After dinner at Halászcsarda, Chad went off to the theater and Juli and I went to Verseghy Gymnasium to watch Juli’s friend’s little sister and her classmates practice their ballroom dance routine. After, we took a stroll around Tesco and a drive around Szolnok, just wasting time.

Saturday, I hung out in my flat, watched Chocolat and Chicago, and generally putzed around until evening, when I went with Tamás and Dóri and little Tami to their church’s Farsang celebration. We watched skits, poetry recitals, singing, and dancing. My absolute favorite was the final act: a Hungarian rendition of Havah Nigilah, complete with Hungarians dancing a hora ring. Stupendous.

Today was much like yesterday: lazing around, watching the same DVDs again and again. I did have to go out to Spar in order to buy more chocolate. But other than that, a calm and home-bound weekend. I guess despite having oodles and oodles of time to myself during the week, a weekend alone after almost 2 months of being with people was just what I wanted. Now, I don’t think I’ll want another for a few more months.

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indiana said...

Yeah, I think that I can fill a certain amount of time by myself BUT there's a limit to that. By that I mean you're probably lucky because of the crazy and rambling phone calls I bestow on my friends state side.

My prof's initials are ESC and she signs like that sometimes, and when I've seen it, it's made me think about it, not the cognitive process "those letter refer to my prof" but something else. And then, in a classic finals-time insight, I realized it's like the escape key Esc. I hope that amuses.

While were on initials, in high school I had this friend Jer, short for Jeremiah, and his initials were JRR. And i thought he should change his middle name to something with an E, and he had a suggestion (I think a football player's first name) because, as I explained, "then your name would be Jer and your intials would be JER" which sounds better outloud than seeing it written.

ANYWAY, he said no because it would upset his family who endowed him with his full name for a reason, and that made me think about families and how my family is much less into things like that. But then again, I'm sure anyone who knows us, particularly my immediate family realizes--my brother goes by a "nickname" that has nothing to do with anything. My initials are much less enticing than those from my tales, so minimalism instead, I can't compete.