Sunday, February 26, 2006

One Hundredth Entry Extravaganza

Yes, that’s right! Blogger informs me that this will be the 100th time I’ve posted. So today, in lieu of the normal blathering about my life, I’d like to dedicate this entry to self-tribute and lauding my various blogging achievements (not the least of which is actually making it to 100).

1. I got other people to start blogs
Although neither lasted particularly long, I did successfully encourage both Juli and Rach to start their own blogs. Now, if either of them could get into the habit of updating more, I would be tremendously happy.

2. I was mentioned on another blog
Ten of the happiest minutes of my life (until I got distracted by something else) was when I was checking Timbo’s blog (The Hungary Years, link below) and noticed that my blog was one of the links in the sidebar. Cool.

3. People read my blog
As of this moment, my counter informs me that almost 1100 people have been at my blog. So that’s more than 10 people per entry. I can guess who about 5 or 6 of those people are, but that still leaves 4 or 5 strangers per entry who find my blog worth reading.

4. I became obsessed with reading other blogs
I guess this isn’t really an achievement as it is an obsession which is taking over my life. But for better or worse, here are some of the blogs I check every day (all right, fine - twice a day). Sadly, this isn't even a complete list - I took out the ones that haven’t been updates for a while, and the quilting and fiber arts blogs which I think only a limited population is interested in.

Blogs of people I know (other CETPers):
- Gaines, who I can always count on for frequent updates and interesting entries
- Yerik, who writes great long entries... when he remembers to
- Jeremy, of who I am jealous because he has so many more readers then I do... and I was the one who installed the damn counter!
- Laura, also an infrequent updater, but worth the wait
- Jenna, snippets of life in Nyíregyháza
- Kat, adventures with teaching and dogs
Blogs of random people:
- Timbo, an ex-pat living in Budapest
- Alec, another ex-pat in Bp
- Seth, an English teacher living in Székesfehérvár
- Scarlett, not your typical soccer mom
- Jonathan, a Canadian guy who does both blogging and vlogging

Political and Middle Eastern blogs:
- Politics the way they should be told - by imaginary characters: Fafblog
- This project is so cool, it almost makes me want to move back to the states just so I could take part: Freewayblogger
- A former Saudi Arabian, now living in London: The Religious Policeman
- The best blog I’ve found, written by a young woman living in Baghdad. Although she doesn’t update frequently (I guess having electricity 2 hours a day makes that difficult), I read the entire archives in 2 days: Riverbend

And to finish with something light, gossip blogs:
- Proving that everyone looks better in jeans: Go Fug Yourself
- All you want to know about what's on tv and big screen: I Watch Stuff
- All you want to know about the people you pretend to hate: The Superficial

5. I made it to 100!

I suppose this means I should change that line in the title bar where it says “we’ll see how long this lasts.” But I won’t. 'Cause I'm lazy.


jrj said...

i probably should count as two avid readers of your webpage. sometimes i use your links to hop around. love, me.

indiana said...

Emily, my dear, my congratulations. Now, allow me to annotate your accomplishments.
1. If I can use my blog to mention the stuff I read even though I don't expect you all (in the most general sense) to have heard of much of it, or to care, and do ramble widly about the effects of grad school education on my understanding of the nature of interaction in the snapple aisle of the Jewel on 75th and the way that people know if they like a work of art or not (e.g. who can like ashlee simpson, who cannot, and why) and/or the philosphical nature of humans relating, and of sympathy and empathy, then perhpas I will redouble my efforts to post.

2. I mentioned you, but I will admit that I'm not gung ho about identifying information (i.e. I think I mentioned U of C and not "major reasearch university in the midwest" BUT i try not to go much beyond that, mostly because if my identiy were revealed, I would be discraced due to my grammmar and typing lapses.

3. I will recommend that honorary roommate LEB check it out. Sorry; I only have so many friends, and most of them lived with us. I don't necessarly operate in circles with an interest in English teachers in Hungary, but if the topic comes up...

4. If I updated more, would you start checking mine?! That would motivate me on the #1 for sure. Just so you know, Sara is the MVP for occupying herself constructively in her time off the 9-5; yes, there seems to be copious amounts of beer, but there are also 3-4 hobbies (depending on how one would be inclined to divide aquatic activites); however, I look forward to doing SOME ridiculous internet activity, including but not limited to that of your prefernce.

5. I'd just like to point out the irony here. Lazy... or not. If you want me to explain further, you'll have to use one of the several ridiculous technological options available to you to contact me.

!Buen Hecho!