Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekend in the Tropics

... and by tropics, I mean Kiskunhalas, where Janos has the most gloriously warm apartment (I, on the other hand, spent half my time at home reading in my bathroom, which is the only truly warm place, or in my living room huddled as I am now in sweater, scarf, and layers of blanket). Despite the lack of a keg and two unsuccessful bars, there was still an abundance of other good things including beer, hot wine, paprikás krumpli, the regular market on Saturday and the giant market on Sunday, lots of Viva, Kill Bill 1 & 2 (in Hungarian) and other bizarre after-midnight TV, a snowfall, and a mission to find the Howling Beast, which lives down the block and is the creepiest sound in the world to wake up to. Or fall asleep to. Or hear in the middle of the night. Or, really any time. Yeah, just plain creepy. Anyway, we went on a mission to track down is whereabouts. Unfortunately, the devilish creature knew we were coming and decided to shut up. Hm... diabolical.

But other than that, a great weekend. The superbowl party about which I was so enthusiastic turned out not to be so great - a bunch of people I didn’t know. Liz, Chad and Julie were exhausted from skiing all weekend; by the kick-off at midnight, they were falling asleep in the bar. So shortly after, Liz and I came home. After she left this morning, I was planning to use my free day to do some lesson planning... and I’m sure I’ll get around to that any time now...

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