Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rachael is Amazing

Today, by some miracle of time I managed to make it to school at 7:24. This meant I had 5 minutes to savor the peace, quiet, and solitude that occurs in the teachers room before the other teachers pour in 30 seconds before the bell rings at 7:30. I used these minutes to enjoy the surprise waiting for me on my desk: yet another wondrous package from homefriend (and former-fellow-Townhouse-F-roomie) Rach. This is the 4th package I’ve gotten from her, which makes her my second-best person to get mail from (after parents, of course).

So far, my loot includes: cards, both the playing type and the Hallmark type; 2 DVDs (Huckabees and Practical Magic); a Friend of the plush variety; and countless, irreplaceable collaging supplies. Rach, you absolutely rock. In your honor, two cards from my newest project, which I’m un-originally calling “e-collage.”

See, they’re not great. But I challenge you to make a couple and put them up on your blog.


jrj said...

wow. thing rachael can be my friend, too?

indiana said...

I really like the second one. If i ever get my printer working, it will be worth printing "for real." I know this has something to do with photo paper which I am not allowed to buy until I get paid (yes, pay myself) next week. I still "owe myself" for my last target rampage. I just read an article on behavioral therapy and was disappointed to find that for the most basic behavioral change methods, you really need a teacher/parent type figure to, you know, give you demerits that actually mean something.

So saturday at 8 I was leaving the library after doing 6 hours of work and I sadly recalled that last year at 8 on a saturday, I would have been on my 4th cosmo, or whatever drink of the week. We would all be playing a game and one of us, probably me, would say, jebus, it's only 8 and I'm kinda drunk. And we would laugh. Instead i was explaining how social constructionism necesitates a broad definition of community, even when, we as researcher, would prefer one more concrete, but we can't, a priori, create one without considering the collective public's use of the term, and specific to articles by Pollock and Gotham, multiple memberships and shifting identity as a political tool, respectively. Pity me.