Thursday, September 08, 2005

I have actual Hungarian friends!!

So yesterday I had this great experience that completely mollified me in terms of anything I’ve been complaining about, teaching-wise. Did I write about how on Monday, Dan visited the school? No, I don’t think so. But what happened then was this: while he was in the teachers room, this crowd of former students was clustered outside the door, looking for all the world like red-carpet watchers waiting for a star to appear, actually crying out, “Daniel, Daniel,” to make him appear. At the time, I though, wow, if I could ever get them to love me half as much, that would be a victory. Well, after my 4th grade class on Wednesday, I was leaving the school to go have lunch. I heard my name, looked over, and two or three students of that class were literally smooshed against the window, waving and crying, “Eh-mee-lee! Eh-mee-lee!” It was definitely a bit of an ego-boost.
In the afternoon/evening, Chad and I went to meet Geri to watch (and for Chad, participate in) practice of Geri’s American football team. Afterward, Geri brought us back to his apartment, which was nearby the practice field in the Széchenyi-Városrész neighborhood, and Ági fed us dinner. Then we all went to Jazzklub for a little going-away party for Dan & Jess. Oh, I wish they would stay longer. But I’m so glad that they were here at all (some of the other teachers never met or even talked to their predecessors) and that they were so helpful, and most of all that they introduced us to Geri & Ági.
Plans for the weekend are slowly shaping up. I think for me, I will be staying here the whole time and not going to Tizsaujvaros. I want to be here for the gulyas festival, which several of my students have told me is the only real thing that ever happens in Szolnok.

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