Thursday, September 15, 2005

nothing important

I had all good intentions of writing last night, although there wasn’t and isn’t so much to tell, but instead I met up with Geri and Ági and came home drunk, despite not having any money. Anyway, my small story from yesterday was that I went to a little stationary store in a lane behind the school and managed to carry on passable shop-talk with the proprietress, including asking which toilet paper was the cheapest, and answering her that yes, I am a teacher. And I got a bunch of those neat little notebooks everyone here has, which cost dirt. I love this country. Today I started making them into grade books for my classes. But since I don’t actually have final class lists yet... it’s a tad frustrating.
Just now I realized for the first time how horribly difficult this must be for some people. I at least have the benefit of knowing some simple phrases and words in Hungarian; some of the other Ami teachers have nothing. And in Szolnok I think a lot of the younger people speak some English, a tiny bit at least, where in the villages, there might not be very many people at all.
I don’t have much to say about today. Taught, napped, watched TV. Cooked dinner, the last of my peppers and onions with pasta, and Chad stopped by just at the right time to eat half of it. Then he went to get a gyro. Let me descend into high-school body envy for a scond and say: How is it fair for him to eat so much and be so fit? Okay, I’m done.
So I’ll be traveling this weekend, using my “emergency money.” Not good, Emily. After much planning and re-planning, the final plan (which was also the original plan) is thus: Gaines will come here by train, and meet Chad and I at the bus station. We will all take the bus to Janos, and spend the night there before venturing on to Harpswell. How? Yet to be planned. Hopefully Janos will help us. Although, ahem, he doesn’t exactly know that we are coming yet, because neither Gaines nor I feel comfortable enough to invite ourselves over, and Chad needs to buy a new phone card. I think it will be an interesting weekend, in every meaning of the word.

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