Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Internet adventure #2

Wow, I can’t believe how fast September is going. Someone, I think it was Gaines, pointed out that last weekend (the one two days ago) was actually our fifth weekend in Hungary. It seems like forever, both good and bad.
Well, speaking of weekends, I’m still not sure about that last one. The sheer amount that I’ve slept on Sunday and since has made the whole weekend seem a bit dream-like, and certainly some distance away. Distance hasn’t given any clarity, though. I keep remembering bits and pieces, both from the drunken evening and the afternoon and morning, and I can’t seem to assemble them into any sort of meaningful chronology. So maybe it’s best left alone.
Last night we went out with Geri & Ági to the Panorama and hung out there for a while. Being with them always cheers me up. Although maybe it’s because I always drink with them... no, but that’s not true. So it must be them. I think this is really high-schooly of me, but I feel like, oh geez I can barely type it, I feel like I’ve bonded with them. Oh, gag. Isn’t there a more adult way of saying that? I suppose I could pull out my Hunglish and say, I am having a close connection with them. Ha!
Today, I think, András and I (and my laptop?) are going back to the internet store, I believe to fill out paperwork and pay. And then sometime this week, maybe before the weekend, the man will come to my flat to install it or turn it on or whatever. There was a bit of a situation yesterday when I had to confess to Kati that I am flat broke (having idiotically used my emergency money on the trip), but now that both she and András know that, I think they will lend me money. They will take care of me. Which makes me feel both secure, but also a bit like I’m five years old. Which I deserve, because what the hell was I thinking not saving some cash for internet. Damn, Emily. From now on, emergency means emergency. Not party money.
I am really looking forward to getting internet. Maybe you can’t tell that from the fact that I think I write about it every single entry. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe soon? No, but yesterday was the first time András or Kati had actually mentioned a day when I might, maybe, hopefully have it. So I’m all excited again. You know, in orientation, Mary said the key to getting through the hard parts was always having something to look forward to. So even if I never get internet, I can always keep myself optimistic by hoping for it.

continued at 5 pm - First, the Great Internet Saga continues, which is to say that, knock wood, all seems to be in order: we went to the store. They took down my info, and will be sending someone (who apparently maybe possibly speaks English) to install the necessary cables on Friday. The money was no problem, as I don’t have to pay until November. To me, that seems so contrary to what would be expected in the US (immediate down-payment, possibly a couple months in advance) but I’m sure as hell not going to complain.
So my other bits of news. The first (actually the last) was that after I trudged home through the mist, in front of the flat’s entrance a little boy (not so little, I’d guess 6th grade) was waiting for someone and said csókolom to me. For some reason, this just made me unreasonably happy.
Also, I got my first mail today, at both the school and the flat! My health insurance card (I think) was waiting on my desk when I came into school this morning; right after the csókolom, I checked my mail box, and something came from “my” bank, OTP. Again, unreasonably happy.
The final thing (which, chronologically, was more like the middle thing) was that the gym teacher today approached me and, through Edit, told me that she had someone who wants private conversation lessons. If I understood right, it is her hairdresser’s husband and children (but not the hairdresser herself?) who lived in Canada for a year, and want to keep up their English. So, cool. Tomorrow after classes the gym teacher (whose name is lamentably escaping me) is taking me to visit them.

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