Friday, September 02, 2005


So I went into school today at 11, got my schedule, and this nice younger woman named Gabi, who I think is a secretary maybe, took me to the medical insurance place and the tax place and we got that all straightened out, or at least got the ball rolling. We had to walk and it was hot, so I came home and took a couple of naps (one in the chair, and one on the couch. Chad was right, it is super comfortable). At three, Daniel and Jessica, the couple who had mine and Chad’s positions last year, respectively, were visiting so we met up with them. They rescued a bunch of things from their former apartment, which is the other half of Chad’s “duplex,” so now I have even more teaching materials and some more kitchen stuff. After a drink with them and a brief tour where they pointed out some of Szolnok’s good points, we came here for a while, then they went to dinner with old friends, and we went to Chad’s for dinner. Grilled cheese (burnt) and tomato soup (too liquidy) have never tasted so good. We did finish a whole bottle of wine, so so much for temperance.
Kyle called me while I was on my way to Chad’s the first time; I also SMS-ed extensively with Rosalind, and I just got off the phone with Gaines. They seem to be at various levels of contentment. Gaines just finished her first teaching day and is feeling good from that; Kyle is having problems with her dormitory, which apparently has some loud neighbors; Ros and I speculated as to how many of the other teachers are getting drunk. Agreed: everyone.
Well, tomorrow I actually have two classes, a fourth grade and a fifth. I really don’t have much of a plan yet. Daniel seemed to think that the 5thers could do this “first day activity” game that Mária taught us, because they did it with him last year. And the 4thers, I guess... I don’t know. I just want the first week to be over so’s I can go visiting.
Oh, and I have to say how much I’m loving TV. This afternoon, I watched something about the Salem witch trials, some made-for-TV movie with Kirstie Allie, but dubbed into Hungarian, of course. Right now: CSI Miami in Hungarian. And next, I think maybe ER? Wow, I love it.

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