Saturday, September 03, 2005

Out and about in Szolnok

Last night Chad and I finally went out “on the town,” so to speak. We had dinner pretty late; I bet it was 8 by the time we ate. And neither ate much, but we did drink a bottle and some of that vodka-liquer stuff I bought yesterday. Ugh, it’s like syrup of peaches. Rach would love it. Anyway, we lazed around here until 10:30, maybe, which I think was good “thinking” on our part. Wandered down to the Tiszapart; followed the big searchlight to this little place across the river, which I think Dan and Jess said was owned by the Hungarian Mafia - or, maybe that was a different place.
When we got there the first time, Chad started chatting with some girls outside, asking them if it was a good club or not. They said, sort of, but the only place in Szolnok. So we went back to little pub at the foot of the bridge (the civilization side) and had a beer there to kill some time, then back to the club. We sat for a while, drinking, then met up with the girls from before, who danced with us and talked a little. They said they wanted us to give them Hungarian lessons. I think really they just wanted Chad to buy them drinks (which he said he got suckered into doing). In any case, it was a fun night.
This morning, at what felt like about 5am but was actualy closer to 10, Daniel and Jessica messaged me to ask if I wanted to go see water polo. Hell, yes. So I managed to get up, presentable, and to the pool in half an hour, even considering that I didn’t know where the pool was. It was great - Daniel explained the game to me, and Jess pointed out the cutest of the players. What a great way to spend a morning - I could really get into that sport. Watching, I mean, of course.

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