Thursday, September 15, 2005

Internet adventure #1

Quite an adventure-filled day I’ve had. I finally got around to cleaning this morning, and halfway through, as the flat was in various stages of destruction and self was in various stages of dress, two people from the school stopped by to read the gas. I tried to explain, but I know they’re going to think I’m a slob. Classes were classes, what can I say. The 6a was good, like last week, the 7ab was bad, like last week. After classes, András and I went to the computer store, which was an interesting experience. I thought he didn’t speak any English at all, but it turns out he’s not so bad. But in any case, he spent half an hour talking to the lady at the store while I tried my best to pick up words and phrases that I know. As far as I could tell, he kept telling her things, she kept telling him they were problematic, couldn’t be done, or were wrong, then he kept telling her why they weren’t or how they could be fixed. I tried to look intelligent. Did I write earlier about my “mac terror” vision? I had this vision of bringing my computer out of it’s case, and having them all shy away from it like vampires from a cross when they realized it was an Apple; this wasn’t too far-fetched. András actually stopped walking and drew a face when I told him, and the store lady hissed in her breath. But I think it turned out that everything is okay, will be okay, or will be made okay. And if I understood correctly, we will be going again on Friday.
While I was in the process of rinsing my clothes by hand, after my washing machine semi-blew up, Chad called and we met up at the Jazzclub to meet with some people (Anita, Juli, and Tamas) who are teachers at the Oxford language school here, and want us to teach some lessons. We both agreed; both the people, the school, and the extra pay are very nice. So that’ll start in October sometime.
And, to complete the day, on my walk home Laura called and I talked to her until her minutes ran out. She’s so funny - talking with her always cheers my up.

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