Sunday, September 25, 2005

weekend in Pest

Well, apparently that mood is persistent, because I still don’t really feel like writing. But I know, from previous experience, that if I fall too far behind, I’m doomed. So for now maybe I’ll just do a quick catch-up; I want to go to bed soon. That’s event numero uno: I’ve been sick. Friday especially was not fun. Between, before and after work, I just wandered around the flat, moaning, “I’m dying” to no one in particular. I decided that being sick is even worse than being hungover. One, because there’s no end in sight. Two, because for me at least, when I’m hungover, mind and body are both muddy; when I’m sick, body is rebellious but my mind still works - and complains, and sulks.
Right, but quick review. Thursday, random guy called me at the school and asked for lessons. We met at Road Cafe to work out times and dates. Okay. That evening, we had Geri and Ági over here and made them dinner. Awesome. But a late night. Friday, classes and whining and moaning. The children were not sympathetic to my plight.
Saturday, Chad and I and G&Á went to Budapest to watch a football game. Met up with Rosalind. We ended up at some house party for a friend of Geri’s second cousin, which was okay but late and cold, and Ros and I agreed that both of us were sick enough and not drunk enough to really enjoy the party. Spent the night at her place. Very nice. I have to say I’m jealous. Today, Chad came back to Szolnok early and, of all things, by himself. He had to come back by noon to have lunch with a student and his family. Ros and I had coffee at Gerbeaud and then visited the new H&M (Hungary’s first), which was great, if small. And more expensive than Germany or the States. I spent too much this weekend. This is ridiculous. I just need to exercise some will power.
That’s going to be my goal this week. And, more importantly, this weekend. Money, money, money,!
At Gerbeaud today, I wasn’t able to convince the waitress I was Hungarian (those women are amazing in their cultural perceptive abilities) but I did fool her (somehow) into thinking I was German. Oh, small triumphs.

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